SMARTFIT: Belgisch antropometrisch onderzoek

In 2012 en 2013 University College Ghent excecuted a national size survey and health survey in Belgium in collaboration with the Scientific Institute of Public Health. The research team of Fashion Technology used therefor high tech 3D body scanners.

2500 Belgians between 3 and 99 years were randomly selected in the districts of Ghent, Brussels and Liege. The measurements were performed in these places. Also, people who wanted to participate on a voluntarily base were more than welcome.

The result of these measurements are tables showing the average body dimensions and are to be used by the clothing industry. Thanks to the 3D data corresponding virtual avatars have been developed. Such campaigns have been recently implemented in several other European countries.

Today many clothing manufacturers still use (old) body measurement tables based on 1 body type. Thanks to this research project clothing manufacturers can now compose body measurement tables which are tailored to their target groups.

HoGent committed to keep these body measurement tables up-to-date and will continue to take body measurements. If you or your company, organization or association are interested to take part of this project, you are more than welcome !!!

The body measurement tables are divided in men and women and in 4 different age categories: 14-17 years, 18-25 years, 26-50 years and 51-70 years. Soon we expect to offer also body measurement tables of children. With each body size chart optional virtual avatars are available which can be used in virtual fitting rooms. If you would like more information about the body measurement tables and avatars, please contact the research group of HoGent Fashiontechnology by phone on +32 (0) 9243 27 82 or via mail to